Universidade Federal Fluminense – UFF (Bachelor’s degree in Law);

Postgraduate from the Escola da Magistratura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro- EMERJ.

Specialist in consumer law and civil liability by Escola da Magistratura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – EMERJ;

Counselor of the Brazilian Bar Association of Rio de Janeiro – 2019/2021;

Vice President of the Commission of Woman OAB/RJ (Brazilian Bar Association) – 2017/2018 and currently coordinator of the legal education working group at this Commission;

Member of the Board of Ethics of the Brazilian Bar Association;

Expert on Civil Procedural Law by Escola Superior da Advocacia – ESA;

Professor of Civil Procedural Law at University Cândido Mendes – UCAM;

Enrolled in OAB/RJ under No. 108.910;

Her professional experience focuses on civil, business and building law disputes, including team and client portfolio at a renowned law firm management.

Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.